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Bloomingdale Arts Building

Living type: units with private kitchen and bathrooms

Size: 25 units

Neighborhood: Bucktown

Building type: multifamily 10+

Spirituality: We are not a spiritual community.

Shared common spaces: Laundry Room, Community room with kitchen, Workspace with storage, Garden, Lobby Exhibit Space.

Shared utilities: Water, internet, common area electricity and heat through monthly assessments.

Our Motto: Creative community offering affordable work/live designed, owned and managed by artists.

Governance: The Bloomingdale Arts Building is a non-profit condo corporation that collects monthly assessments for common area expenses from 25 owners. We are self managed to keep property management affordable and responsive. Individual owners carry separate mortgages.

Equity Structure: Market rate condo units but limited to artists and creative cultural workers.

Established: 2003

What makes us unique:

Bloomingdale Arts Building is Chicago’s only, affordable, artist owned work/live community, founded 14 years ago by artists.

How to learn more:
We prefer to be contacted via email

Available Units?

Sorry, there are no vacancies at this co-op.

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