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EXPLORE: Find out if a co-op is right for you

EXPLORE: Find out if a co-op is right for you

The Very Beginning


5-step Beginner’s Guide


More People, More Problems?

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can you trust others enough for a co-op?

Vision Boards

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custom style floorplans

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Anecdotes & Advice for Beginners

50 years after Fair Housing Act passed, Black Chicagoans reflect on refuge found in South Side co-op

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advice for finding your core group

logan square co-op

Startup Stories: Logan Sq. Co-op

The Fight to Stay

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Find an Existing Co-op Vacancy

If you prefer to drop into an already existing cooperative in/near Chicago, there are a few options:

Vacancies are featured in the directory.

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Visit Craigslist and use the search term “co-op” or “cooperative.” You may also want to try online real-estate listings.

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This compatibility tool primarily evaluates groups of people, but a future feature will match you with a co-op.

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DIY: Form Your Own Co-op!


Sample Proforma: Development Budget


5-Step Formation Guide


consensus document


Report: Affordable Housing Co-ops

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