Cooperative Communities of Chicago

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Chicagoland Housing Co-ops (View Our Map)

Is your co-op listed? Do you have a vacancy? Add your co-op to the directory here.    (We are confirming the status of some co-ops listed below.)

2840 N. Francisco, 11 units

820 W. Belle Plaine, 271 units

821 Ridge, 20 units

Albany Consensus, 4 units

Argyle Apartment Building, about 20 units

Bethel Terrace, 123 Units

Bickerdike Redevelopment Corporation 2550 W. North Avenue (773) 278-5669, studio 1BR 2BR 3BR

Bloomingdale Arts Building, 25 units

Profile available

Cambridge Manor Tenant Council, 1BR 2BR

Carmen Marine Cooperative, 300 units

Chatham Park South Cooperative, 112 Units

Chatham Park Village Cooperative, 522 Units

Covenantal Community of University Church, 21 units

Cumberland Green Cooperative, 204 Units

Emma Goldman Cooperative, Three 3-bed, 1 & 1/2 bath apartments

Profile available

Freedom Road Co-op, 6 Units

Genesis Cooperative, 22 units

Genesis II Cooperative, 100 Units

Gill Park Cooperative, 260 Units

Ginger Ridge MHA, 469 Units

Harper Square Housing Co-op, about 600 units

Hermitage Manor Cooperative, 108 Units

Hesed Community, 4-9 units

Kenmore Plaza, 324 Units

Lafayette Plaza Cooperative, 196 Units

Lakeview East Cooperative, 220 Units

Lakeview Towers, 500 Units

Logan Square Cooperative, 8 units

Profile available

London Towne Houses Cooperative, About 800 units

Profile available

Lunt-Lake Co-op, about 90 units

Manchester Knolls, 100 Units

MOSAIC, about 20 units in two buildings

Neighborhood Commons, 168 units

Noble Square Cooperative, 481

North Park Tower, 124 Units

Park Forest Cooperative – Area E, 404 Units

Park Shore East Cooperative, 148 Units

Pioneer Cooperative, 21 Units

Poplar Creek Cooperative, 250 Units

Pratt Ashland Co-op, 22 units

Praxis Collaborative Chicago, 19 bedrooms

Profile available

Qumbya: Bowers House, 19 bedrooms

Qumbya: Concord House, 16 bedrooms

Qumbya: Haymarket House, 12 bedrooms

Qumbya: Wells House, 9 rooms

Racine Courts Cooperative, 121 Units

Reba Place: House of Peace, 12 units

River Oaks Cooperative, 270 Units

Silent Cooperative, 99 Units

Sol House, 6 units

Sophia Community, 7-8 bedrooms in single detached home

Profile available

Spaulding Collective, 6 Units

Stone Soup: Hoyne House, 7 units

Stone Soup: Leland House, 10 units

The HUB, 6 units

The Roost, 6 units

Tudor Gables Building, 114 units

United Winthrop Tower, 279 units

Woolman Washington Cooperative, 51 Units