Cooperative Communities of Chicago BETA

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(Last updated manually updated by volunteers Jan 2017)

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2840 N. Francisco, 11 units

821 Ridge, 20 units

Albany Consensus, 4 units

Argyle Apartment Building, about 20 units

Bloomingdale Arts Building, 25 units

Profile available

Covenantal Community of University Church, 21 units

Emma Goldman Cooperative, 3 units

Genesis Cooperative, 22 units

Harper Square Housing Co-op, about 600 units

Hesed Community, 4-9 units

Logan Square Cooperative, 8 units

Profile available

London Towne Homes, about 800 units

Lunt-Lake Co-op, about 90 units

MOSAIC, about 20 units in two buildings

Neighborhood Commons, 168 units

Noble Square Cooperative, about 400 units

Pratt Ashland Co-op, 22 units

Qumbya: Wells House, 9 rooms

Reba Place: House of Peace, 12 units

Sol House, 6 units

Sophia Community, 7-8 bedrooms in single detached home

Profile available

The HUB, 6 units

The Roost, 6 units

Tudor Gables Building, 114 units

United Winthrop Tower, 279 units

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