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Emma Goldman Cooperative

Living type: units with private kitchen and bathrooms

Size: Three 3-bed, 1 & 1/2 bath apartments

Neighborhood: Logan Square

Building type: multifamily 2-4

Website: None

Spirituality: We are not a spiritual community.

Shared common spaces: Basement storage, laundry and small workshop area

Shared utilities: Members pay electric for their unit, all other utilities are shared

Our Motto:

Governance: Consensus based decisions, all members are on the board and all business takes place at semi-regular board meetings

Equity Structure: Limited equity model using a low fixed rate of return on the share to maintain affordability

Established: 1992

What makes us unique:

Large, beautiful apartments in a 1920’s era Chicago 3 flat

How to learn more:
We prefer to be contacted via email

Available Units?

Sorry, there are no vacancies at this co-op.

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