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Sophia Community

Living type: shared kitchen, shared bathroom, shared living space, private bedrooms

Size: 7-8 bedrooms in single detached home

Neighborhood: Hyde Park

Main intersection: Woodlawn and 56th, Chicago

Building type: single detached

Spirituality: We are people of diverse spiritualities. It is just important that each has his/her own spiritual path. Sometimes, we have blessings to celebrate holidays and birthdays.

Shared common spaces: We share a kitchen, dining room, community room, and several bathrooms. There are also public rooms in the house that we share with the 57th Street Meeting of Friends and guests.

Shared utilities: Internet and phone.

Our Motto: We are a diverse group of individuals, called together to create a home. We will companion one another in forming just, mutual and interdependent relationships. We respect our differences which foster strength and balance in community. Our intentional presence to each other in meals, celebrations and daily life, is an offering of support and encouragement to each individual. We embrace a consensus model of decision-making, one that calls forth, hears and respects the honest offerings of each person. Our commitment of love and service to one another nourishes and empowers us to challenge and transform that which limits the potential of human beings. We are committed to a simplicity of life, to limiting our use of the world's resources, to using our goods wisely and well, and to cultivating respect for the Earth. We extend our hand in hospitality by welcoming others to share in aspects of our community life. We challenge one another to be true to the Spirit of Sophia, for which we are are named, as we live these things into being.

Governance: We have two meetings per month and make our decisions using a consensus model.

Equity Structure: Zero-equity

Established: 1993

What makes us unique:

We live in an historic home that was built in 1919 by Van Doren Shaw. We are involved in the larger community, as many events are held in our home.

How to learn more:
We prefer to be contacted via email

Available Units?

Sorry, there are no vacancies at this co-op.

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